Who Volunteers?

  • All Angelenos interested in responding to public health emergencies and disasters
  • Professionals with medical, health, or mental health carrying an unrestricted license
  • Professionals with a Public Health background and/or training

Should I Join?

Check all that apply:

  I want to help others in an emergency.
  I have a medical, health, or mental health license to practice.
  I communicate well with others.
  I work well with others.
  I can speak different languages.
  I am a good public speaker.
  I have experience managing people.
  I am a good organizer.
  I am helpful.
  I am good at answering questions.
  I have experience working with people with disabilities.
  I know how to use a computer.
  I am good at fixing things.

If you checked any one of these boxes, then the Medical Reserves Corp needs you!