Registration Instructions

Please read the instructions below on how to register with MRC Los Angeles.

In an effort to strengthen the disaster volunteer registration system state-wide, Los Angeles County and the State of California have decided to move to one volunteer database system, known as the Disaster Healthcare Volunteers (DHV).

How to Register with MRC Los Angeles

  1. Visit the DHV Website at
  2. For affiliation, select Los Angeles County.
  3. In the second drop down menu, select that you are already a member of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC).*
  4. In the third drop down menu, select Medical Reserve Corps of Los Angeles.
  5. Complete the online registration process and be sure to fill in all the fields marked with a red asterisk.

*The Unit Leader will contact you to follow up with your online registration.

If you have any questions, please contact the Unit Leader at

*Please note that you are not a member of MRC Los Angeles until you have received an official Welcome Letter from the Unit Leader.

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